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in 2017 We are Coaching Grandma's, Tinker Bell, & Traverse City.

Join The Leukemia & Lymphoma's Team In Training (TNT) today. When you do, treatments make their way to patients, saving their lives. Is there a better reason to join?

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Join Us and Hike Zion  June 2017 

What we are up to now

Bob , Dr Druker  and Bev

Dr. Druker - LLS Funded Researcher

  • Developed Gleevec​
  • Now heading the BEAT AML imitative .


Help us end cancer. Since 1999 we have been on this mission and we need your help.

We are R-E-L-E-N-T-L-E-S-S 

for a cure.

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Hi Gang!

As some of you know, Barry and I are putting together a Team to Hike Yosemite June 10th, 2017.  We want a big team in Yosemite a big “Be Like Bob” team! We thought it would be pretty cool to hike with close friends, hike together, do it with purpose, do it to honor patients, their families and in memory of loved ones taken by cance
Barry and I have set a goal for our team to raise $100,000. By achieving this goal our team name can be attached to a Research Portfolio and make a significant step toward a cure.

Barry has wanted to honor his sister and her successful treatment for CML for sometime.  When he personally raises $50,000 or if our team raises $100,000 it will happen, the team name will be attached to research grant.  We would love to have you be on our TEAM. Wouldn’t it be great to be part of this dream!

 Hike with Team In Training is a 3 night stay at an awesome resort. TNT provides us with a hike coach to prepare us. At Yosemite we hike with a guide, there is an inspiration dinner and lots and lots of love. We wanted to put this out early so you could decide if you want to join us and make a commitment to beating cancer and get your fund raising page set up right away.

We would be very honored if you joined our Team “Be Like Bob” for the Hike.  It is so much more fun doing it with people you love.

It’s a great knowing cancer fears you, join us, send us a note and let’s get rolling, HIKE ON!

Peace, love and hike on,

Michele and Barry